Spinal hook

From bar stock Ø16 mm, X8CrNiS18-9
Machine: 408B/408MT/508MT2

Bridge (3 components)

From bar stock Ø 12.7 mm, Chromium-cobalt
Machine: 308B/408MT

Part of surgical forceps

From bar stock Ø10 mm, 1.4305
Machine: 408MT

Turbine blade

Part to part, Inconel
Machine: 508TB2

Bone screw

From bar stock Ø16 mm, 1.4305
Machine: 408MT/508MT2

Cervical plate

From bar Ø 26 mm, 1.4305
Machine: 408MT/508MT2


From bar stock Ø30 mm, Peek
Machine: 408MT

Watch case

From round shape blank, 1.4305
Machine: 508MT2

Hip prosthesis (femoral cup)

From bar Ø 50 mm, 1.4305
Machine: 508MT2

Knee prothesis

From pellet, X8CrNiS18-9 or Titanium
Machine: 508S2

Bridge complete

Part to part, Chromium-cobalt
Machine: 508S2


Part to part, 34x50x64mm, Aluminium
Machine: 408S2

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