HPM Technologie GmbH is an expert and industry leader for Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) with no traceable residues and toxin free lubricants.

For 70 years now, the name of HPM Technologie has stood all over the world for the construction of highly modern plant in the area of minimum quantity spray application, trickling application and cleaning technique. Thanks to a modular set-up, our systems for universal use can be adapted individually to any task – for purposeful application of any fluids to surfaces or to three-dimensional bodies.

The highly technical minimum quantity spray systems and nozzles, which are produced in our own development, excel thanks to their highly precise and consistent way of working. In this way, thrifty and environmentally beneficial dealing with fluids of various properties is ensured.

For precise mechanical use in trade, industry, Agriculture, forestry, and home and yard HPM Technologie GmbH offers high-quality fluids in variable package sizes. With outstanding lubrication properties and maximum degrees of evaporation with minimum toxicity, they even do justice to the highest demands of sophisticated processing methods.

Our lubricants are made on a purely biological basis. They do not resinify and have optimum cooling and lubrication properties. In addition we offer lubricants with a unique temperature resistance which is not less than 350 degrees Celsius.

The lubricants of HPM Technologie GmbH are developed in our laboratory and match perfect with our process technique. We do not buy any additive-packages - so we do know the DNA of our lubricants down to the last detail.

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